Student Senate sees active campaigning: Two students race for student body president

Story by Isabel Ashley, Staff Writer

For the first time in several years, two Baker students actively campaigned for the student body president position this April, reflecting a renewed enthusiasm for school politics. The candidates, junior Caroline Birt and sophomore Jasmine White, each took their own campaign approach.

Birt stated that her main campaign strategy was to raise awareness of the election in general. She promoted herself by creating her own graphics and posting them on social media each day of election week, making posters from her graphics to hang up around campus and relying on her friends who were student athletes to post the graphics in their team group chats. Birt also targeted Greek houses by attending meetings of each house on campus to share her platform.

While White also campaigned on social media, relied on her friends’ help to campaign, and hung up her own posters, she utilized other techniques to promote herself for student body president.

One of her trademark techniques was passing out candy during election week. She and her friends distributed candy with slips of paper which contained slogans such “Don’t Blow it, Chews Jasmine” for her when she handed out bubble gum. White also delivered her platform to a few student organizations.

Both White and Birt described the overall campaigning process as being positive. White was very thankful for the support of her friends who helped promote her campaign via social media and passing out candy.

“The weight never fell on just my soldiers,” White said.

According to White, her only stressor was anticipating her opponent’s next moves. As for Birt, seeing her fellow peers interested in the student senate election process was very exciting for her, because, in her opinion, it has gone unnoticed by the student body in the past.

“[The senate] is really excited to be at the point where campaigning is becoming a necessity, because, in the past, it has been just working to fill spots,” Birt said.

Looking forward, Birt believes hosting a debate or public forum as part of the elections would be a good way for voters to get to know the candidates for student body president and their platforms.

As their campaign trails came to an end, White was elected student body president after the long week of avid campaigning on both sides.

A piece of advice White would give to future candidates is to focus less on their resumes and more on being a leader for the student body.

“Be kind, be approachable, be a friend,” White said. “Be someone the people root for.”