Freshman takes over office

Freshman takes over office

Before the end of his first year at Baker University, freshman Michael Stickelman got a chance to rule the school.

On April 26, he acted as president for a day, swapping places with University President Pat Long.

“It was pretty exciting at first, and then I kind of got used to it after awhile,” Stickelman said.

He said he also got the chance to interact with Long and learn more about what her typical day is like.

“We both got to know one another. It felt just like getting to know another professor. She was down to earth and a great person.”

Long said she was impressed with the way Stickelman handled decision-making situations.

“Instead of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ he actually asked some questions, getting background before making a decision,” Long said.

Long said she enjoyed her experience as a student.

“I got to dress like a student, so I wore jeans, and that was kind of fun.” Long said. “I got to be Michael all day long, and he’s a good student. Any time I can spend time with students and hear from their perspective, that is a good day.”

Sophomore Olgens Pierre worked with Stickelman in the president’s office.

“He did all right because one of the trustees came in there, and it seemed like he handled himself pretty well,” Pierre said. “He seemed comfortable with the position like he wasn’t nervous or anything.”

Stickelman was chosen for the role through a drawing sponsored by the Phi Mu sorority to benefit their philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network.