Dr. Sara Crump: Faculty Member


Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Sara Crump teaches PY111, or general psychology.

Story by Kerrigan Hartzell, Staff Writer

If you’re a student a Baker University, odds are you have or will have to take PY111, General Psychology. Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Sara Crump might just end up being your professor.  

Crump started teaching at Baker 13 years ago, earning the adoration of her fellow Baker faculty not too long after. 

“Dr. Crump is an incredibly warm and generous person – generous in time, generous in humor, generous in collaboration.” said Dr. Robyn Long, fellow psychology professor and director of study abroad, “Dr. Crump has such enthusiasm for our discipline, and she teaches so effectively.” 

Not only is Crump passionate about her work, she is passionate about her family. She loves to visit her nephew in Chicago whenever she can.  

Psychology student and senior, Carrington Ream has taken many classes with Crump, enjoying them all. 

“My favorite thing about her teaching is that she is super engaging,” Ream said. “She is so passionate about what she is talking about, so she is an engaging presenter. At the same time, you can tell she totally knows her stuff and is really knowledgeable.” 

After graduating from the University of Washington with her undergraduate degree, she attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, for her Ph.D. in social psychology. 

“When I first started college, I thought I’d want to be an English major, a Psychology Major or a Biology Major,” Crump said. “I did what all of you guys do, took a bunch of classes in those areas, and in Psychology I was like ‘awesome after awesome after awesome.’” 

Crump’s love for Baker extends far beyond just Gen Psych. “I love my students and I love my colleagues,” Crump said, “I’m so fortunate that that I had never even heard of before hired me. I came and I love it – the small class sizes are amazing.” 

“People are human, even your professors are human. We have feelings and we make mistakes. And at Baker University, we want you to do well. Just don’t forget we are human.”