History Club: Student Organization


Sophomore Chance Prosser thinks History Club will benefit him in his future Mass Media career.

The Baker University History Club meets every Thursday night from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and is open for all Baker students.  

In the club, they have a tradition where they spend time looking at certain historical events that occurred on the same day they’re meeting but in previous years. There have also been sessions where they take their meeting to the lake or other settings.  

“Despite being a history major, what I love is that history club is not a major-based club,” said Zac DeGreeff, sophomore Secondary Education and History major,“we have people from all across the different majors and departments on campus.” 

DeGreeff, as well as fellow History Club member Chance Prosser, are huge fans of the club’s sponsor, Mr. John Richards. Prosser, a sophomore Mass Media major, enjoys the club and everyone he has met through it.  

“My favorite thing about being in history club is the people. Everyone involved with the club has been a great friend,” Prosser said, “And Mr. Richards is an amazing sponsor.” 

The club offers a relaxed environment where students can come together, learn about and appreciate history and each other’s company as well as get the mind off of the stress of college life.  

The club has many events planned this semester, including a movie night and a graveyard cleaning. More information on these events will be released shortly.  

Not only is History Club a great extracurricular and a great way to meet peers and get involved on campus, History Club is also a fantastic resume builder and can definitely help it’s members in most any future career they choose, history major or not. 

If you’re a history major, clearly History Club would be greatly beneficial for learning more about history as well as finding connections for the future but the club can also benefit other majors.  

“As someone pursuing a career journalism, history will be able to help me with research on past events for stories.” Prosser said, “It’s also a great place to go for fun facts.” 

History Club is always open to any Baker Wildcat student or staff wanting to dive deeper into history.