Dr. Jean Johnson: Faculty Member


Dr. Johnson is looking forward to retirement after 32 years at Baker.

Dr. Jean Johnson is the professor of mathematics here at Baker University. Johnson grew up outside of Cleveland in northern Ohio, earning her undergraduate degree from Alogeenie College. After her time at Alogeenie, she got her doctorate degree from Iowa State University.  

Johnson is clearly passionate about math but also holds her family very close to her heart.

“Family is my greatest passion,” she said, “I’m also a Christian and I like to serve people in all the different ways I can.” 

Fellow mathematics instructor Eric Hays admires and has relied on Johnson in the past.

“She has been a great resource for me in several areas,” he said, “She has always been the main person I turn to whenever I need advice on teaching a particular class or coming up with activities for classes.” 

As Johnson plans to retire at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, she is optimistic about what the future holds for her husband and herself.

“We aren’t quite sure what we want to do yet but I’m excited to see where it goes,” Johnson said.  

She has been with the university for about 32 years. 

“As a faculty member, my favorite thing about Baker is that I can decide I want to learn something new and create a course to do that,” Johnson mentioned, “I have done that a few times.” 

Freshman Sada Branson has had a great experience in Johnson’s Intermediate Algebra class.

“She’s always willing to help her students with anything they need,” Branson said. 

Not only does Johnson hold mathematics as an area of expertise, she was previously the Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics but has recently stepped down in lieu of her upcoming retirement.   

Before she goes, she wants Baker students to understand that all things take time.  

“Learning takes time. You need to spend time on it and not overload yourselves with a ton of other stuff,” Johnson said.