Dr. Danielle Hemingson: Faculty Member


Photo of Courtesy of Danielle Hemingson

Dr. Danielle Hemingson has been a professor at Baker for four years.

Story by Kerrigan Hartzell, Staff Writer

Dr. Danielle Hemingson is the assistant professor of biology and applied health sciences and has been at Baker University for 4 years, starting out as a visiting professor which then turned into a regular position.  

Hemingson primarily teaches Human Anatomy & Physiology as well as various Exercise Science courses. Human Anatomy & Physiology student and Psychology major, Sophomore Madison Vincent enjoys Heminson’s class.

“She takes the time to really talk you through anything you do not understand. She is always there to help you,” Vincent said, “She is very interactive which helps me to remember and understand fully.” 

Hemingson went to Buena Vista University in Iowa for her undergraduate degree in athletic training and afterward, she worked as an athletic training graduate assistant while attending the University of South Dakota for her masters and doctorate degrees. She decided to teach at the beginning of her doctorate education, eventually deciding to complete an EdD, Doctor of Education, as opposed to a PhD.  

Hemingson is not only passionate about her career, but she enjoys music. In fact, she and her husband Dr. Chris Todden, fellow Baker professor, take every chance they can to watch live music together.  

Sophomore Lexie Busch, exercise science and spanish double major, enjoys the way Hemingson is able to captivate her classes.

“She doesn’t just lecture, she gives good examples from her life and what she’s experienced,” Busch said, “she tries to give us fun and easy ways to learn and memorize what we learn in class and read from the book.” 

As Busch mentioned, Hemingson often relates her lectures back to her own personal experiences.

“I love learning and sharing what I know,” Hemingson said, “My favorite thing in the classroom is when I can think of a neat way to explain something that I found challenging when I was in school, and then see the students understand it. When I see that ‘ah-ha’ moment on a student’s face – that’s a favorite for me, a great day.”