Student Senate: Student Organization


Freshman Carson Moore currently serves as the freshman class president at Student Senate.

Story by Kerrigan Hartzell, Staff Writer

Student Senate is an organization on the Baker University campus where the undergraduate population is able to come together and be the voice for students.  

Josh Doak, assistant director of student life, has been advising Student Senate for four years.  

“I have seen student senate evolve from being an organization that met every two weeks and discussed funding.” Doak said, “Now they not only discuss issues or concerns on campus, but they work on ways to address those concerns.” 

Student Senate is made up of five students from each class level on campus along with an officer board consisting of a Public Relations officer, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and President.  

Junior Jasmine White has been involved in Student Senate since the beginning of her sophomore year and currently serves as the Student Senate president.  

“My favorite thing about Student Senate is people coming up and talking to me about what we are doing and how we can help them accomplish things on campus,” White said, “I love building relationships with people on campus.” 

Already in the 2019-2020 school year Student Senate has addressed many concerns, using open forums, on campus including General Education and the Quest program with Dr. Russell to Residential Life with Nick Goodman. They also host Fun Fridays every Friday in the Student Union.  

Freshman Carson Moore serves as president of his class, responsible for weekly meetings, holding meetings with just freshman officers and helping come up with new ideas for Baker students.  

“I love being able to feel like I can contribute and bring a change and new ideas to Baker” Moore said. “That is exactly why I decided to join.” 

Moore recommends all Baker students give Student Senate a try. “I would totally suggest for anyone to apply for Senate if they’re interested in leadership and seeing positive changes made around campus.” 

Student Senate meetings are open to all Baker students and take place at 9 p.m. every other Monday in the basement of the Student Union.