Local healthy lifestyle business hires Baker student workers


Megan Stover

The founder of Mindfully Made, Carol Bahr, works on High Street in Antiques on the Prairie to create Elderberry preparation.

Mindfully Made is a company founded by Carol Bahr, whose passion is to make products that will help nourish the body both inside and out. One of her most popular products, Elderberry preparation, is known to have many healing properties.

According to Bahr, Elderberry is a non-specific immune enhancer, containing a unique protein that acts as a messenger to help regulate immune response.

Unlike simple immune stimulants such as echinacea that can wear down the body’s immune system by over stimulating its defenses, elderberry helps the body know when to fight and when to rest, resulting in a more effective and efficient defense against viruses and other illnesses.

“Elderberry contains extremely high level of antioxidants, double the amount found in blueberries and cranberries,” Bahr said. “Each bottle has over 80 servings packed with pure elderberry; 1 tsp serving size contains over 3,100 mg of pure elderberry.”

Mindfully Made’s fresh-pressed Elderberry preparation only uses the highest quality, local ingredients.

“The elderberries are grown here in the greater Kansas City area and are certified organic,” she said. “We also use the highest quality raw, unfiltered, local honey from over 400 hives across Kansas City.”

The honey is added along with cinnamon, ginger, and clove to warm the flavor.

“Lemon juice is also added to bring acidity to the preparation which balances the flavors,” she said.

Mindfully Made began its journey at the current location a year and a half ago, and that’s when Bahr decided she wanted to reach out to Baker University students.

“It has been super neat to get to know the students and as time goes on more students are getting involved,” she said.

Sophomore Mo Cisse began working for Mindfully Made after he heard about the company from other Baker students.

Cisse said he respects how the company is meticulous in every aspect of the process.

“Everything is really clean, and each bottle is made to be as perfect as possible,” he said. “Even if they sell wholesale, they want the product be the perfect as possible and I do not think other companies are the same way.”

Each batch is tested to ensure it is of the highest quality.

“I think that the most interesting part is seeing them cooking the juice and tasting that every time in order to have the perfect flavor,” he said.

Although he has not tried the Elderberry preparation, Cisse said he thinks it can be beneficial for people during this time of year.

“I had never heard about elderberry as a prevention for flu and cold viruses, and I think that is a really smart business,” he said. “Especially in the time of the year where is easier get viruses.”

Sophomore Brittany Wesley began working at Mindfully Made during the spring semester of last year. She said she participates in many of the parts of the Elderberry process.

“Some days I label the bottles, clean buckets, seal the bottles, or make packed boxes so they can store the bottled elderberry,” she said. “It never gets boring because I always have something different to do depending on the hour and how many people are staffed.”

Wesley said she enjoys working with the owners and other staff members and enjoys the atmosphere.

“They always make sure music is playing, and the other people that are working are extremely friendly as well,” she said.

Wesley has always tried to live a healthy lifestyle.

“Before I met them, I worked out frequently, because I am an athlete, and religiously take care of my body. I eat as healthy as possible with eating from the cafeteria,” she said.

Healthy habits in college can affect mental health as well as physical health, Wesley said.

“College is already stressful, so taking care of yourself through healthy eating and regular exercise can minimize the effects of stress,” she said.

Recently, Wesley was able to try the Elderberry preparation and loved the way it tasted and the benefits it has for her body.

“It was awesome finally being able to try their product since I am around it all the time and get to smell it,” she said. “The smell of the elderberry is so sweet and warming.”

Mindfully Made prides themselves on their Elderberry preparation, and Wesley said she recommends it for anyone.

“They put in a lot of time and efforts to make their juice, and it’s all 100 percent natural and organic,” she said. “They are very sure to be clean and focus on producing the best product.”

Mindfully Made is located within Antiques on the Prairie, located on High street. Students should feel free to reach out if they are interested in learning more about the products or the production processes.