Two Baker faculty members promoted

With the Baker University Board of Trustees on campus Friday, the promotion of two faculty members from the college of arts and sciences was announced at a reception in the Holt-Russell Gallery.

“One of the things that I can say about all four of the candidates was that when we talked to them, their enthusiasm came through, their love for Baker, their love for teaching,” Provost Randy Pembrook said. “It was interesting how the special things that they are doing, whether it has to do with liberal studies or clinical work, when they talked about it … we could just sense the enthusiasm they had for that and how that fueled their love for what they do.”

The Board of Trustees supported the promotion of Associate Professor of French Erin Joyce to professor. Joyce will also become Baker’s first-ever Assistant Dean of Liberal Studies.

“She’s let me know for some time if there’s opportunities around where she could kind of wear some of those other hats, to let her know,” Dean of the College of Arts and Sceinces Rand Ziegler said. “Her work, in various components of committee work, and other types of initiatives, certainly qualified her for consideration anytime something came up that was administrative.”

Assistant Professor of Psychology Wendi Born received a promotion to associate professor status and tenure.

Also recognized for promotions were two faculty members from the Baker University School of Nursing.

“I told the Board today that I was with some colleagues not too long ago from two other private schools and they were saying that tenure and promotion is really a joke on their campus,” University President Pat Long said. “That if somebody had been there for so many years, that it was going to happen. And I said how proud I am at Baker that that’s not the case.”