Texting can lead to trouble

Idk my bff Jill?

Texting has become a part of our daily lives.

I remember a time in my life when I never texted, and it wasn’t five years ago – it was more like last year.

Nowadays, I can’t go a day without having to text someone.

But lately it seems like texting has become not just a way of talking to people, but more of an addiction.

One thing texting affects is the way you talk and write.

I find it difficult to get out of text-talk. I even have to catch myself when I say “jk” instead of “just kidding.”

What’s a lot worse is when you’re trying to write a paper, MLA format and all, and you can’t keep from typing “u” instead of “you.”

That might be a sign of too much texting.

I’m not saying texting itself is bad.

There are many instances where I’ve needed to contact someone and the only way was through texting.

It’s when you start racking up thousands upon thousands of texts in a single month that it can become a problem.

But if you have unlimited texting, why is it such a big deal?

It’s not like your parents or even you are paying for going over on allotted text messages.

It’s when you text just to text. I really do think some people are addicted to texting.

They'll text someone just to be on their phone.<br/>Not only is texting addicting, but it also can cause distractions.Not only is texting addicting, but it also can cause distractions.<br/>How many people text during class?How many people text during class?
Not only is texting addicting, but it also can cause distractions.
How many people text during class?

Of those people, how many can honestly say when they text in class, they also pay attention to the professor or even students when they’re talking?

If we’re being honest, probably very few, if any, can. It’s just rude.

When you text in class, you’re basically telling the professors you don’t really care what they have to teach you, and what you’re sending your friend is more important than what the professor has to say.

Is that really true? Some may say yes, but I think if you’re going to class, you might as well learn a thing or two.

Texting doesn’t just cause distractions in the classroom, but on the road as well.

How many people text while trying to drive? I would venture to say a lot of people do it.<br/>How can you concentrate on driving if you're looking down at a phone to type a message?How can you concentrate on driving if you're looking down at a phone to type a message?
How can you concentrate on driving if you’re looking down at a phone to type a message?

Most of the time it’s difficult enough driving when the only things you have to worry about are keeping your eyes on the road and steering clear of other cars, but when you’re typing a message to your friend saying you’ll be there in 15 minutes, it can get dangerous.

I know it can be annoying, but if a text is that important, can’t you pull over somewhere and send it?

Or just call the person?

At least if you’re calling someone, you can keep your eyes on the road.

But there’s another problem. Not just with texting, but picture messaging as well.

It’s called sexting, and it’s mostly teens that are doing it.

They send nude or almost nude pictures of themselves to their friends.

But where it gets really tricky is when the receiver sends it to other people.

Teens are getting into trouble doing just that, and it could lead to jail time.

It’s hard to believe a cell phone could lead to prison, but if you’re not making smart decisions, (like sending nude pictures of people to all your friends) it easily can happen.

I feel like texting is a good way of getting in touch with people, but like everything else, only in moderation.<br/>Ttyl.Ttyl.