Annual egg hunt held

More than 12,000 candy-filled eggs and thousands of scavenging children were enough to keep some members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority busy at Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ Cedar Crest home front April 12.

Sophomore Ashley Locklin, Delta Delta Delta philanthropy chair, organized the members” participation in the Governor’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt, which included volunteers from many sororities throughout the state.

Locklin said Delta Delta Delta usually volunteers each spring with an Easter egg hunt for Rainbow Preschool, but said because of the holiday schedule the members decided to volunteer with the governor’s event.

“It was nice to go somewhere new,” Locklin said. “We got to meet the governor and get our voice and our name out there for future opportunities.”

According to the governor’s Web site, a number of businesses donated the candy and eggs for the event. Vendors were set up on the lawn and children’s activities other than the egg hunt were open to the community.

Locklin said 22 members of Delta Delta Delta participated in the event, which included helping out with hiding the eggs, assisting the children in their hunt and giving a little consolation to those who didn’t fair so well in the search.

Sophomore Samantha Harpole said she and other members helped organize the children into different age groups before the hunt began and helped hide eggs in an easy-to-find fashion.

“We helped to hide eggs, which essentially was just to throw them on the ground,” she said.

Harpole said she was one of the volunteers who was prepared with a basket full of extra candy for the children who had a little trouble getting their own.

“Some of us got baskets of eggs to hand out to the kids if they didn’t find any eggs,” Harpole said. “Some of the kids were crying because the other kids already found all the eggs and it was great to be able to give them something.”

Freshman Claire Koops willingly volunteered for the hunt and said the experience was fulfilling.

“The best part for me was giving out stuff to the kids without eggs,” Koops said. “That was really rewarding and the kids had a lot of fun.”

Locklin said it was funny to see the children go crazy over the eggs.

“It was sad to see some of the kids not get candy,” Locklin said. “Their eyes would just light up when they got it (from the baskets) and it was really funny to see them. It takes you back to your childhood.”

Koops said the philanthropy event was also a great opportunity to work with other sororities, especially other Delta Delta Delta members, who were from Kansas State University.