Ask Dean Bailey: COVID-19 rules, regulations and changes

As the pandemic and all of the regulations that go with it continue, students have had a lot of important questions to be answered. Following a Student Forum that explained some of the current guidelines in more detail, a list of questions that had not yet been answered was compiled. Dean of Students Cassy Bailey has answers to these questions here and there will be more to come. To pose an anonymous question of your own, visit this link.


Ask Dean Bailey:

Q –Will it be possible for students who don’t have symptoms nor health conditions but have the preference to stay at home to live at home instead of staying on campus?

A – Yes, students wishing to live at home may apply for a Residency Requirement Exemption. The form, deadlines, and exemption qualifications may be found at Dr. Randy Flowers chairs the committee and can assist in answering questions. He may be reached at [email protected]


Q – Can Baker enforce that people actually wear their masks when outside on campus?

A – The better words in this case are “respond to” as opposed to enforce. Baker’s authority may be limited off-campus (depending on circumstances); however, the University has the ability to respond to students’ actions at any point. So, if a student’s behavior is reckless off campus such as not wearing a mask, social distancing, gathering inside in groups, the University can respond by asking the student to quarantine and not be on campus grounds. Similarly, if a student commits a crime off-campus, the University has the option per Student Handbook OFF-CAMPUS MISCONDUCT POLICY: The University assumes that responsible behavior will be maintained consistently by its students on and off-campus. Generally, the University does not take disciplinary action for off-campus misconduct. However, the University reserves the right to take action in such instances where the misconduct constitutes a violation of the University standards or is of such a serious nature that it suggests a danger to the University community. In such cases, the University may initiate action whether or not legal action has been taken. The Dean of Students will decide when institutional purposes are best served by such conduct action.


Q – If we want to get tested again for our own safety and of others can we take the saliva test offered here at Baker again?

A – Baker offered “gateway” testing for all students as they came to campus. For additional testing, students have several options. If the student is an athlete, he/she can work with Sports Medicine. Students may also choose to be tested at a variety of clinics.

Anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and does not have a primary care provider can call the Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health Coronavirus hotline, 785-856-4343. This option has nurses online to provide initial screening and, if needed, directions on how to get tested. Lawrence-Douglas Public Health staff are available to administer tests at a drive-up site near the Community Health Facility, 200 Maine, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

If anyone is in need of potential testing on the weekend, screening and possible testing options include:

  • Prompt Care —785-838-1510 for pre-screening before coming to urgent care if ill.
  • CVS drive-up testing site, 2300 Iowa St. — Patients must register in advance at to schedule an appointment


Baldwin City Family Medicine

406 Ames St, Baldwin City, KS 66006


 MedExpress Urgent Care

3420 W 6th St, Lawrence, KS 66049

(785) 841-3123 


4841 Bauer Farm Drive, Lawrence, KS 66049

(785) 840-9381

 Urgent Care of Kansas

314 E Main St, Gardner, KS 66030

(913) 938-4726


Q – Is there any possible way that students who can’t go home and have to find/pay for somewhere to stay can get a relief refund?

A – For students who live in University-owned housing, are quarantined or isolated and unable to go home, the University provides housing and where needed, meal plan delivery. For students who live off-campus and are in the same position, they continue to live off-campus. For students who live in Fraternity/Sorority Life and are unable to go home, the University assists as able. This may include living in a quarantine room on campus or at another arrangement around campus.


Ask Dean Russell:

Q – The biggest concern I have had is for the students who have mostly hybrid classes. Not all professors have given a schedule that shows what days they are expected to be in person for class, and what days will be held over Zoom.

A – If you have a concern about a faculty member or a class, here is my recommendation as your Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

  • First, try to work directly with that faculty member. We all are here because we want to help you learn. None of us is a pro at either remote or hybrid learning – but we are trying to get better at it and we respect and appreciate you for sharing with us what is not working and helping us to learn to do this well. We want you to succeed – it is our entire mission.
  • Second, if this is not a possibility for you, go visit the department chair for that faculty member. Department chairs are great resources, they are good listeners and they have good problem-solving skills. They were all listening in on the Town Hall.
  • Finally, if none of this works – please visit with me, CAS Dean Darcy Russell. Ms. Susan England can make an appointment for me to visit with you either in person or over Zoom – whichever you prefer. I will listen to you and then investigate the situation (keeping your privacy) to try to make things better. [email protected] [email protected]