How to vote this election season


While every student on campus is eligible to vote, there are a few things to know in order to make sure your vote in counted.

Registering to Vote

In the state of Kansas, a person can register to vote until Oct. 13. A person can register to vote in person, by mail or online. The online registration form can be found here and the form for mail registration can be found here. Registration forms can also be located at the Baldwin City Post Office or inside the City Hall of Baldwin City.

For the online form, your driver’s license number, or non-driver’s identification number must be entered. If you are registering to vote within Douglas County the registration form can be faxed, scanned, or hand delivered to the Douglas County Election Office.

In Kansas, you must reregister to vote after a name change, a party change, or a change of address. Students at Baker University who are not residents of the state can either register to vote in their respective home states, or register to vote in Kansas with their current campus address, i.e. the address of the residential hall they are living in. Any student can register to vote in the county they go to school in full time. However, if you are an out of state resident you cannot register to vote online since you need a Kansas issued form of identification.

Requesting an Absentee Ballot

If students who live out of state do not want to vote in Kansas, they can request an absentee ballot for their respective states. Different states have different deadlines for mailing in absentee ballots so its imperative to check with your local election office.

In addition, states have either expanded or changes their rules for absentee voting for the 2020 election cycle. Information on each states’ changes to the absentee ballot process can be found here.