Kyle Davis reflects on time, experiences as editor

Story by Kyle Davis

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With just a little more than a week before commencement and everyone wanting to know how you would sum up your time at Baker, it is difficult not to think about it.

When thinking about the Baker Orange and my year as editor in particular, two words come to mind: challenge and success. I’m going to attempt to refrain from the countless clichés like ‘nothing good comes easy,’ which triggers an automatic rolling of the eyes, by myself included.

Being the editor of a college newspaper puts you in a small fraternity of those who have also shared the experience, past and present. It is not possible to fully understand everything that goes into the position without doing it yourself.

Challenging is the first word thought of when the job title comes up. But it is also the most rewarding job and experience I’ve had at Baker, and I would make the same decision again.

People naturally think of challenges in life. I remember challenges and stressful times throughout my editorship that now just make me shake my head or laugh. And although I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, I’m glad they were a part of my year.

While life might seem easier without challenges or stress, I now appreciate those struggles. If week after week goes by without challenges to overcome, then what is there to be proud of when you find a solution? Pride and confidence is not found in the easy-going, but rather facing problems and how they are resolved.

I am not alone. Everyone else on the staff experienced struggles and problems and they are to be thanked for helping the paper overcome them through great work. During stressful times, we came up with a creative solution or had a water-gun fight, away from computers of course, to get our minds off everything for a while. The staff, editorial board and I made it through each week with a product we could be proud of and a job we loved.

Rachel Hawkins and Meagan Thomas will now take over, and I hope they also have struggles to overcome, because it will make them better, and I know they will find a way to make it work.

Chris Smith and Amanda Helm made the job look so easy.

It was from watching them that I learned everything I needed to about the job and they set a standard of excellence I was merely trying to keep up with.

An easier year sounded more appealing at the time, but I would have come to regret it now. Difficulty is a great learning tool, and sometimes the best way to learn is by overcoming adversity. I would not be able to walk out of the newsroom for the final time with the pride and satisfaction of what we accomplished that I will now.

It is natural to want to avoid what challenges you. But embrace the difficulty that may lie ahead, because you’ll learn more about yourself through those challenges and will be more proud of the outcome.