Internships valuable to students

Story by The Baker Orange

Baker University students tend to be very involved on campus.

Whether it is through athletics, greek life or one of the numerous clubs the university offers, it seems as if students at Baker are always working hard in one thing or another. Summer can offer students a chance for a break from the busy lifestyle of a college student.

While the warm weather and lack of classes make it tempting to lie by the pool all summer, participating in an internship or summer job can be more beneficial to students.

Internships offer the chance for students to make the most of his or her college experience. Through Baker, an intern is able to receive college credit, and many times internships offer payment as well.

Summer internships are a great way to prepare for life  after graduation, whether a student is a freshman, sophomore or a junior. Internships look good on a resume, but they also give students the opportunity to explore his or her career choice and to get experience in his or her major subject.

Internships also offer a more personal way to network and meet people who could be used as references in the future. When an employer knows the candidate personally, he or she is more likely to remember them if other opportunities open up. Sometimes if a company knows the intern did a good job, it will offer him or her a future internship or a job when the internship is complete, or will refer them to another similar company.

If a certain company doesn’t normally offer internship positions, showing the initiative to call and ask for one may make the company reconsider and make an offer of some sort.

Summer jobs are not always glamorous, but if no internships are available, there is another way to boost one’s resume and experience. Most employers want a candidate that he or she knows can hold a job and follow instructions. The more work experience a candidate has, the more likely he or she is a qualified candidate.

Although summer break is less than a week away, it never hurts to apply last minute to an internship or a job. The company may have an employee that backed out or couldn’t accept the position.

After completing nine months of school work, continuing to work for another three months during the summer may seem like the last thing on a person’s list, but the long-term benefits are more than worth the effort.

As much as every student wishes he or she could spend the summer relaxing poolside with no commitments, an internship or summer job is the better choice.