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BU seniors to present final collection of

Story by Trenton Keim

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The Baker University senior art presentations will be on display from Tuesday to May 21 in the Holt-Russell Gallery located in Parmenter Hall.

The students displaying their art are all seniors. The show is required to earn a studio art degree from Baker, Professor of Art Inge Balch said.

Balch, chair of the art department, has been attending and overseeing the student presentations for the past 18 years.?

“It’s exciting to see what they can do; that they have really learned something,” she said.

Balch said students typically work on their show during their last year or semester at Baker. The works on display are intended to be a summary of what each student has learned and developed while at Baker, she said.

This year, three students are presenting art shows; Ben Wilson, Erin Wilson and Lauren Morley.?Ben Wilson will be focusing on painting, Erin Wilson on digital images and Morley on ceramics.

Each student, upon enrolling in his or her capstone class, is assigned a faculty member who acts as an adviser.

Morley said she is making place settings for her senior art projects. ?

“Each place setting is to represent a person in my life,” she said. “There’s one for me, my grandmother and my mom.”

Morley said she changed what she was working on right after spring break. ?

“It’s pretty much consumed my life, and I’m crunched for time,” she said. ?

Morley said she never knows which pieces will not turn out or break in the kiln. ?

“I’ve completed almost all of them. I work on them every spare minute I have,” she said.

The one Morley made for herself is representative of the changes in her life, she said.

“It’s based on the changes in my life,” Morley explained. “From college to after college, grad school and leaving Baker. That is what my bowl should reflect, there is nothing better to describe my life right now.”

Professor of Art Walt Bailey said he has always been impressed with the students’ work. ?

“It is an opportunity and challenge to be remembered as they leave an impression while stepping off campus,” he said.

The seniors presenting are also responsible for all aspects of the show, from the set-up to the lighting and the presentations of the art itself.

Bailey said the art the students are presenting is of a very personal nature. Ben Wilson’s paintings deal with family, Morley’s art is very intentional and crosses three generations, while Erin Wilson’s digital images began with capturing motion, but evolved into how to present the motion and questioning how it compares with traditional photography, he said.

The show opening runs from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday. Refreshments will be provided and all are invited to attend.

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