Students create hammocking club to destress and enjoy the outdoors


Josephine Moore

Freshman Kyle Newman, leader of the hammocking club, relaxes in his hammock on campus.

Story by Caitlyn Baker, Staff Writer

With warmer weather among us, Baker University’s new hammocking club offers an alternative way for students to “hang” around campus while maintaining COVID-19 guidelines. Every Tuesday at 5 p.m., hammocks can be seen strung about trees on campus in support of creating a stress-free environment.

Freshman Kyle Newman is the president of the club and hopes to bring novice and experienced hammocking students into the organization. The idea first came to Newman when he was hammocking on campus.

“I put my hammock up one day and then I thought it would be cool if we had a club,” Newman said.

Newman explained the process of starting the club and the different challenges he faced when getting everything ready.

“The hardest part about getting the club started was putting together all the needed pieces,” Newman said. “I think the hardest part was finding a sponsor because, as a freshman, you don’t really know anyone yet. So, luckily, I had an interterm class with Dr. Jamin Perry and I was able to convince him to get on board with it.”

Hammocking has increased in popularity, especially among college students. A report done by Industry and Research suggests that the hammocking market has steadily increased since 2019, as more individuals come across this new inclusive hobby. With advances in hammocking technology, it is easier and cheaper now than ever to explore this trend.

The hammocking club is open to everyone, even those that don’t have a hammock. The club’s organizers are applying for money from Student Senate to help with starting costs in hopes of gaining more members.

The group is looking to buy around 12 hammocks for individuals who are interested in joining but do not have access to a hammock. This opportunity allows for students to get a feel for what hammocking is all about before purchasing a hammock on their own.

As the club begins to expand, Newman hopes to have off-campus events and travel to nearby lakes and parks as well. Suggestions are widely accepted, as Newman wants to make the most of this new club.

Sophomore Dallas Kristian Lipp is looking forward to being a member of the club and what it will have to offer.

“I knew the people who started it and I thought, ‘why not?’” Lipp said.

He is curious to see how the club expands, with the number of student hammockers growing.

While explaining what gets him excited about the hammocking club the most, Lipp explained that he is looking forward to “being able to relax in a very stress-reducing environment and being in the natural environment.”

Newman hopes that the hammocking club will have an active role in the Baker University community by offering students a new way to destress. To promote relaxation among campus members, the hammocking club offers students a way to escape the stress of school and everyday life.

“I hope it makes everyone a little happier,” Newman said.

Newman also believes that the club is an exciting opportunity for the community in that it easily follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Students are welcome to come hang out with the hammocking club every Tuesday at 5 p.m., weather permitting, to destress and meet fellow hammocking enthusiasts at Baker University.