Music, coffee create a buzz

In addition to opening its doors for those with a taste for coffee and sandwiches, Espress Yourself is offering a Friday night music series.

Owners Jason and Crystal Camis said they have continued the Friday music tradition at the shop since they became the owners in February.

“I think for us, music and art and coffee shops tend to tie in together,” Jason Camis said. “It’s something different, and it brings in different people than come in during the day.”

Espress Yourself has musical acts lined up for every Friday night except for Fridays of a few holiday weekends. All other Fridays from approximately 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. will include musical entertainment with styles ranging from blues to bluegrass.

“I think for me, (I like) that every Friday night is different,” Crystal Camis said.

While listening to the musical entertainment, students can choose from a range of foods and beverages. The chance may even arise for students to sample new menu offerings.

The next act to entertain will be two Baker students playing guitar and harmonica music. Seniors Trey Ammons and Ben Martin will perform original songs and covers today. Ammons said he frequently plays at coffee shops and is looking forward to the chance to perform for other Baker students.

“Coffee shops are perfect for this kind of music,” Ammons said. “Anybody who enjoys music – acoustic music especially – anybody who is a Dave Matthews fan or a Ben Harper fan, or anybody who appreciates music in general (should come). I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

The owners said they are very willing to make the shop a welcome atmosphere to Baker students. If a student is interested in performing at the shop or would like to have a group get-together or meeting, the owners said students can call to discuss options for scheduling. Jason Camis said they are even considering having students play or have a jam session on Thursday nights as well.

Junior Emily Nickel works at Espress Yourself and said the atmosphere of the place is welcoming to Baker students.

“It’s a nice sit-down, drink-coffee, listen-to-music opportunity just for students to relax.”