Holt-Russell Gallery hosts “Dupatta” exhibition

“Dupatta: Journeys of Life and Cultural Identity” is a new art exhibition located inside the Holt-Russell Gallery on Baker University’s campus. It features original art pieces by artist Shabana Kauser.

A variety of works by Kauser are on display with most of her art emphasizing her history and culture. She utilizes many mediums in her art, including traditional South Asian fabrics.

“I’ve got a mixture of different things such as portraits, still-life, mixed media work … so there’s lots of varied work to come and see,” Kauser said.

Kauser visited Baker’s campus to discuss the details of her exhibit. “My work is based on my cultural background and my identity,” Kauser said. “The title is called ‘Dupatta’ … that’s the Urdu word for a traditional South Asian scarf … they will be seen  throughout my work.”

“Dupatta: Journeys of life and Cultural Identity” is on display inside the Holt-Russell through October 1.