Weekend gives prospective students glimpse of BU

Weekend gives prospective students glimpse of BU

It may not have been exactly what she was looking for in a college, but prospective student Christina Rients said what she saw of Baker University during Senior Weekend was appealing.

“I got to experience that this is a great college,” Rients said. “The people here are really nice, and the academics are well organized.”

Senior Weekend, held Saturday and Sunday, gave prospective students the opportunity to tour campus, experience classes, attend seminars and relate to current students in order to help become more acquainted with Baker. Rients said though the weekend was event-packed, it featured just the right amount of activity.

“I thought it would be like, ‘You have to do this and this,’ and I didn’t want to do that,” Rients said. “I didn’t expect to have fun.”

In addition to academic-related activities, prospective students were able to see a theater production and an entertainer sponsored by Student Activities Council, and they also had the opportunity to stay overnight at a fraternity or sorority house. High school senior Brittney Velasquez, who said she was wearing a Baker T-shirt on Sunday morning because she really liked the school, said the ability to have fun and relate with current students helped her decision-making process.

“It ended up being very fun. I got the experience I was looking for,” Velasquez said. “I’m really, really thinking about coming here. This weekend changed my point of view. I’ve only been here a day and a half, and I feel like I know everybody.”

High school senior Chris Cummins said even though Baker has done a “great” job of keeping him well informed, his college decision will still be a difficult one.

“It’s overwhelming. It’s a really difficult decision,” Cummins said. “It can impact the rest of our life. I want to choose the right one for me. I really need to take a couple more months and critically think about it – the pros and cons of each (school).”

Admissions Events Coordinator Linda Gastelum said “a good percentage” of students came to this Senior Weekend, with about 75 students out of 100 that were scheduled. Another senior visit day is being held today for students and parents, during which all will be able to take campus tours, sit in on classes and ask questions about the university. Gastelum said these events are designed to give prospective students a taste of student life and various experiences in hopes they will choose Baker.

“I would advise them to go with their heart,” Gastelum said. “It has to be their choice. They can look at the information they have been given and decide how they feel.”