Om Grown Yoga Collective plans to expand in late March 


Rebekah Nelson

The new Om Grown Yoga Collective studio space is currently under construction with plans to open late March.

Om Grown Yoga Collective, a local yoga studio, plans to expand with a new studio space located just between Baldwin Fitness and the apartment building on Eighth Street. The space is predicted to open late March, according to Co-Owner Sandy Chapman. The expansion responds to the desire to serve more people.

The new studio will feature two spa rooms for “massages, facials, reiki and other healing modalities as well as an infrared sauna, open-air cedar soaking tub … and an outdoor meditation zen space,” according to a recent OMGYC Instagram post. 

This expansion brings together a dream that Co-Owners Chapman and Lora Rimmer have had for a while now, incorporating multiple healing arts and practices together under one roof.

This new space will allow the community to enjoy holistic wellness without having to travel to Lawrence or other surrounding communities. 

“I think it’s the right thing at the right time,” Chapman said. 

Current construction is underway on the historical building dating back to 1925, that includes century old bricks. The wall that adjoins the new studio with the current Baldwin City Fitness is used with materials from the first schoolhouse in the Palmyra Township, a township est. in Douglas County in 1885, that was then later moved into town.

Chapman hopes the expanded space will bring in new energy while also keeping the history of the building alive.

“There’s lots of history in that wall. We want to make sure we keep it on display so everyone can appreciate something from over 100 years ago,” Chapman said. 

Chapman finds the process of renovating an old building both rewarding and challenging. 

“Sometimes what has happened here is we had an idea and then we were told we couldn’t do it, but what we found is maybe a better, more creative solution or something else that fits the space a whole lot better,” Chapman said. 

The outdoor zen space will be accessed through a glass garage door and will be accompanied by the outdoor hot tub and sauna. Rebekah Nelson

The outdoor zen space was not included in the initial plans, yet Chapman believes it to be one of the best things to be added to the project. After consulting with contractors in Fall 2021, the back roof above the outdoor space had to come off, prompting the idea. 

Chapman explains that construction is like a yoga practice.

“You just never know. You gotta keep an open mind, open heart,” Chapman said. “It’s this constant practice to be flexible…[it’s] about how to bring this together and not to get stuck and rigid around one idea.”

Chapman wants the space to be a place where Baker students feel welcome to find whatever peace of mind or zen they may need.

Senior Stephanie Reed, an avid yoga practicer, believes this expansion will carry positive effects.

“Yoga is a wonderful way to build a closer community.” Reed said. “[It promotes] a fun and relaxing way for members to hold each other accountable in creating healthier lifestyles.” 

Reed advises that every single student start a yoga practice.

The current studio limits the amount of people that can come together. The new studio space, at 2700 sq ft, will offer 5-6x more space. (Rebekah Nelson)

“It has changed my life completely. I typically start my days with a little yoga workout and it creates the best mindset for the day going forward…it helps me live a simpler life and it is a huge stress reliever. “

Chapman believes that this new space will not only be a positive addition for Baldwin City, but for the Baker community as well. 

“I hope with the bigger…space, we will have more offerings that the Baker students may want to connect with and may feel called to,” Chapman said.