The Baker Orange stands with Ukraine


Courtesy of College Radio Foundation

College Radio Foundation compiled dozens of recorded words of support to students in Ukraine. In response, students all over the country recorded responses, resulting in a powerful piece showcasing the reality of the situation.

On Feb. 26, the College Radio Foundation coordinated an effort for college radio stations to send and compile messages of support to the students in Ukraine. As a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the project received audio from over 50 college radio stations that wanted to stand in support of Ukraine.

Roman Zajac, Head of STUD Radio in Lviv, put together a response from his students from all across the country. The students responded to the original project by recording audio recordings on their phones while sheltering from the attacks. Zajac sent the piece back to the College Radio Foundation Founder, Rob Quicke, to help him finish producing.

The final project included dozens of responses from Ukrainian students in the middle of the attack. This powerful piece highlights the tragic reality of the situation in Ukraine.

“I need your help, wherever you are. I love my city, my country and will never give it away to anyone. I beg you to support Ukrainians … together we will stop this horror,” a Ukrainian student said.

As a student organization with a multimedia presence, including radio, it’s important that we as the Baker Orange use our platforms to share and support the spread of these messages from the students of Ukraine. The Orange recognizes the importance of the freedom of press and freedom of expression as pillars of democracy, tenets which are threatened by Russia’s invasion. Russia is trying to silence dissent, not just in Ukraine but also in their home country. The Orange stands with the people and press of Ukraine in their fight to preserve the security and sovereignty of their nation.

To learn more about the situation, click here. To listen to the audio pieces, see both versions below:

College Radio Day · Ukraine Students’ Message To The World