Swogger Salon to present exploration of Vincent Van Gogh


Will Hanson

The second installment of the “Swogger Literary Salon” will focus on artist Vincent Van Gogh. The salon will dive into his mental health issues and how he impacted culture.

At 7 P.M. on Thursday, April 21, a group of Baker University professors will present the “Swogger Literary Salon” in the Alumni Center, an installment in a series of literary lectures that explore a variety of topics. This semester’s salon is entitled “Vincent Van Gogh: The Man, His Method, and His Madness”. It will focus on Vincent Van Gogh and will be led by Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Robyn Long. The salon will draw upon Long’s expertise in psychology to explore his mental health.

The salon is the second in the series, with the first occurring last semester and covering the work of John Steinbeck. It is produced by a committee of professors consisting of Long, Associate Professor of Religious Studies Dr. Nicholaus Pumphrey, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Dr. William Duncan and Associate Professor of English Dr. Joanne Janssen as part of the Primary Text program run by Janssen. The event will include a lecture, followed by a discussion accompanied by crème brûlée and other refreshments.

Pumphrey explains that the purpose of this event and the series is to explore historical figures and their contributions to culture.

“We wanted to have an event that was thought-provoking but also an experience for the Baker and Baldwin community,” Pumphrey said. “We hope people can discuss with each other even if they don’t know the subject.”