Pre-Healthcare Club hosts Blood Drive


Colbie Fairley

Baker’s Pre-Healthcare Club hosted a blood drive at Collins Gymnasium on Feb 2.

On Feb. 2, the Pre-Healthcare Club hosted a blood drive in Collins Gym. The event was run and directed by the Pre-Healthcare Club president, senior Libby Pirie.

The American Red Cross, who partnered with the club, was in charge of taking patients’ blood. There were other volunteers assisting at the check-in table and refreshments table. The refreshments table consisted of an assortment of juices and snacks for all donors. They were offered to help rebuild a donor’s blood sugar after donating

Junior Jordan Barth, a member of the Pre-Healthcare Club, gave his thoughts on why hosting a blood drive at Baker is beneficial for everybody involved.

“It gives a lot of students on campus an opportunity to give back in a convenient situation – where it is just right next to our campus,” Barth said. “It also gives Baldwin City as a town the opportunity.”

The opportunity to give blood was available to students on campus and Baldwin City community members. All students who donated were given a $10 Amazon gift card and entered into a raffle for a chance to win a trip to Florida.

Aside from the prizes offered, some people found other benefits that came with donating. Freshman Kiara Stone shared why she chose to donate blood.

“Just to know that I could be saving someone or helping someone who really needs it is just enough encouragement for me,” Stone explained. “It really doesn’t take that long, just thirty minutes out of my day. So for me to be able to give to someone else makes me feel good.”

Donating blood was one option but there were volunteer opportunities during the blood drive. If someone did not qualify to donate blood, or made the choice not to, there were other ways people got involved. Students could assist either at the check in table or the refreshments table. 

“It is like a public service but it also makes you feel good about yourself,” sophomore Ann Beall said.

Other organizations on campus plan to host their own blood drives later this semester. Barth, who is also a member of Baker Serves, talked about the plans for the upcoming blood drive in March.

“Baker Serves, our volunteer organization on campus, usually does two blood drives a year, and Pre-Healthcare Club does one,” Barth explained. “The next one that is coming up will be hosted by Baker Serves on Mar. 30.”