A Review of: “Outer Banks” Season 3


Image courtesy of Netflix

The third season of popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” was released on Feb. 2023.

The Netflix original series, “Outer Banks”, released its third season on Netflix on Feb. 23. There are a total of 10 episodes this season and many people, including myself, anxiously waited for season three to be released.

“Outer Banks” came to Netflix in April 2020 and was a binge worthy show for most viewers. The show takes place in the outer banks of North Carolina in a small island town. The island was divided by social class, focusing on the rich Kooks and the poor Pogues. This social barrier become broken when a group of five teens, John B, Kie, JJ, Pope and Sarah all go on the hunt for a sunken ship with almost four-hundred million dollars underwater inside. The group goes through some crazy police chases, investigations and journeys to find this treasure.

I was not sure honestly what to expect with season three of the show. This group of kids are still on the hunt for treasure but they have to go further than they have ever gone before. I would give season three a six out of ten rating for a few reasons: character development, storyline speed and just the story’s plot overall.

The show still has most of the same characters from past seasons but there are also a few new additions. Not everyone wants to help the Pogue crew which makes their journey this season a lot harder. If you have watched past seasons, you already know Ward Cameron was the bad guy. Would you believe that there is someone worse than Ward? Without going into spoilers, there is a new bad guy and you will know who it is after about thirty minutes into episode one.

Compared to the prior two seasons, I felt the storyline of season three was extremely slow. In the past seasons, I was not always able to predict where the story was going. During every episode this season, I was able to predict what would happen next so I felt like the episodes just dragged on. If the episodes were more straight to the point, I would have liked this season more.

Storyline overall of season three was just not what I wanted to see at all. Everything is still tied back to the first and second seasons. I was ready to see them look for a completely different treasure. They could have done without this new bad guy in the picture too; they’re just an extra party member that was not needed. 

Overall, I really did not like this season. I still love the original group of the Pogues and how their friendship will withstand any obstacles that come their way. But I really did not like the new bad guy character who came in season three and the whole storyline of season three was a big disappointment. I have high hopes that season four, which has already been announced, will be something big and exciting. The one question I have is: what hidden treasure will the group be on the hunt for in the next season?