Travis Kelce hosts Saturday Night Live: how did he do?


Photo courtesy of: Saturday Night Live

Travis Kelce, player for the Kansas City Chiefs, hosted “SNL” on Mar. 4

Hosting Saturday Night Live is something many celebrities hope to do in their lifetime. The list of professional athletes who have hosted the show is small: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Charles Barkley. Now Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce has joined this small list by hosting SNL on Mar. 4.  

If you have ever watched SNL before, you know that the host’s monologue is what sets the tone for the episode. Hosts will usually poke fun at someone who they frequently work with, family members, other celebrities and even themselves. Kelce came out on stage in a great looking suit and jumped right into making fun of himself. One of my  favorite parts of his monologue was when he threw shade at his brother Jason about the Super Bowl. But one of his last lines in his monologue set the tone for the episode as he joked about his past and education, showing that he was ready to go all in for this episode. 

“It just goes to show you, if you smoke weed and are bad at school, you can win the Super Bowl twice,” Kelce said.

Kelce was in multiple sketches during the SNL episode and I feel that they were pretty good. But his first sketch was one I did not like. It was just bizarre with him being in an American Girl doll store having a tea party with two dolls. The intent behind the sketch was good and it was supposed to be funny but it just gave off more of a creepy vibe than I would have liked.

The short self-defense pre-taped sketch right after the American Girl doll one gave me more hope that the following sketches would be better. Kelce was the instructor of a self-defense class and instead of teaching self-defense, he beat up three people in the class. 

The final sketch of the show was a parody of “Too Hot to Handle” where Kelce and Chloe Fineman are a couple on the show “Too Hot to Handle”. The couple breaks many rules of the show and loses the money reward for all other contestants. This was for sure my favorite sketch of the whole show. Kelce and Finman, Rodney and Glen, were this oddly paired couple who did some strange things and I just could not stop laughing during this sketch. 

Athletes who have hosted SNL in the past do not have the best record, but Travis Kelce put on a show for everyone. His sketches did not directly attack other celebrities like most would see on SNL, which was something I was very impressed to see. All of Pre-taped segments were very funny, but did not necessarily have Travis as the star in any of these. I did not have standards set very high for his episode but he did a great job and I think he shows that athletes should have the chance to host the show more often.