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New librarian to work on information literacy

Story by Rori Holm

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With a new job position created specifically for an up-and-coming project Baker University has in mind, librarian Carolyn Clark has more on her plate than just checking books in and out of the library.

Having previous experience as a librarian to a university, Clark said the small campus atmosphere is a nice change.

“I have worked at the University of Virginia and at the University of Kansas library in the law section,” Clark said. “So far, my experience here at Baker has been completely different in the sense of size, which definitely has its perks.”

Director of Library Services Kay Bradt said while interviewing someone for this particular position, she looked for someone with experience.

“We were really looking for someone who could organize a program, which she proved right off the bat,” Bradt said. “She engaged her audience while teaching her lesson, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Being hired only a little over a month ago, Clark said she has had little time to implement her project at this moment but is excited to get it started.

“I will be working with the library on information literacy – how you find information, use information, evaluate information and cite information,” Clark said. “This project will be something that everyone could benefit from and use in the future for almost anything.”

With some prior knowledge of research needed, Clark said she is always more than willing to help both students and faculty with any questions they have about information literacy.

“Finding information is the easy part, but once you get to the hard stuff like citing, that is where I come in,” she said. “If students ever have any questions regarding research or computer problems, that is what I am here for.”

Senior Mandi Riggs, a librarian assistant, said Clark seems very genuine.

“She seems pretty outgoing with her project and is really involved with things such as ‘Library Recognition Week’ by taking pictures of students around the library and keeping up-to-date with daily ways of recognizing what all the library has done for the campus,” Riggs said.

Being able to finally take a breath from not having the position filled, Bradt said hiring Clark has been a long time coming.

“We have never had one person tie all of the research and development into one idea and implementation, and I know that we couldn’t be happier she is the one to do it,” Bradt said. “Now we can finally integrate information about performing research into the disciplinary and gen ed courses at Baker.”

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