Abby Reynolds misses Baldwin City during the summer months

Story by Abby

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Summer was not the same without Baldwin City.

This little town with a campus smack down in the middle of it is like home to me.

I missed my sorority house, the campus and most of all being in a place that means the world to me.

As two years of my college experience has gone by, I’ve realized that my time is limited here and it scares me.

I am starting my junior year this year, and I feel like the last two years went by in flash. I am growing up and becoming myself.

I have already done so much at Baker University, and still have two more years of new, exciting things to come.

I just can’t believe that I am going to have to grow up soon.

All of this thought of growing up and knowing my time is limited at Baker has made me turn over a new leaf this year.

I want to stop worrying about the future so much, and planning out my life. I want to live in the moment.

I want to do things at the drop of a penny or just do nothing and be totally calm. I want to do things that I have always wanted to do and haven’t had time for.

I want to excel even more than I already have. I want to leave this town with four years of great memories.

With two years down and two more to come, it is time to make the most of everything.

As I am sitting here writing this, I keep thinking back to memories I have already had here that I will always remember.

I remember the first night on campus and I had about 15 people cooped up in my small dorm room in Irwin Hall.

Another time would be the multiple food fights we have had at Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

The best one was the cupcake war that was all over campus.

Other times just include doing random things like a Kwik Shop run or just lounging around after a weekend of festivities.

In all, Baldwin City has impacted me more than I thought it would, and I missed it this summer.

I am glad to start off on the right foot for one of my last years here, and want to make the most of my time at a place I call “home sweet home.”