Students and alumni win online contests

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Students and alumni win online contests

Story by Rachel

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Senior Gloria Atanmo never expected to receive the kind of support she did.

Neither did sophomore Tim Laughlin or Baker alumni Jeff Skillman and Emily Burks.

Each entered some sort of online contest and solicited votes via their Facebook pages.

Because Atanmo received the most votes through a link that was posted on her Facebook page, she won an iPad 2 through a nation-wide contest.

“To the people who took the time to help me out, I am virtually squeezing you with the biggest hug ever,” Atanmo posted to her Facebook page Tuesday night after receiving word that she had won the contest. “Seriously, I have the most incredible friends and people in my life, and I honestly can’t thank you guys enough.”

Skillman and Burks, who are engaged, won $1,000 off the catering bill for their wedding after winning an online contest.

“I know a lot of people in college won’t be able to appreciate it yet … but weddings are really expensive,” Skillman said.

The couple entered an online contest through a company called Affordable Catering and Event Planning. Whichever couple received the most ‘likes’ on their picture during the course of the contest would win $1,000 off their wedding catering.

“We basically ended up getting a free wedding cake out of the deal,” Skillman said. “We’re ecstatic about it … I think I may have scored some points with the future in-laws, too … always good to get on that side of the in-laws by saving them $1,000.”

Laughlin is entered in an international music contest that ends Monday.

The musical group, Hollywood Undead, sponsors the contest.

If he is voted as the winner, he will receive $1,000, have his remix included on an official remix EP to be released by A&M/Octone Records and receive a platinum record-style plaque created especially for the winning remix.

As of Thursday at 11 a.m., Laughlin was in first place.

“I’m just promoting it more,” Laughlin said. “It kind of brings back the quote, ‘you get farther with the people you know, not what you know.’ Kind of like networking.”

In order to get people to vote for them, Skillman and Burks, Laughlin and Atanmo sent messages or created Facebook statuses asking people to vote for them.

“Every night I would have a quota and that’s how I would, like, set goals. I just kept reaching the heights with that quota … so I would stay up and look at everyone (on Facebook), and I would send them an individual message about how to vote,” Atanmo said. “Sometimes it would take an hour, sometimes two. Sometimes I would get it done in 20 minutes.”

While there aren’t any contests in the near future planned for Skillman and Burks, Laughlin or Atanmo, all of them are appreciative of those that took the time to vote for them.

“I am so thankful and grateful for the people that supported me … I just feel blessed.” Atanmo said.

<a href=""><strong>Vote for Laughlin here</strong></a> Vote for Laughlin here