Loud Noises holding auditions to fill openings


Story by Abby

These students are witty and like to have fun. They play games and do stand-up comedy work for the campus. Loud Noises, as they liked to be called, is Baker University’s improv troupe.

Loud Noises is classified as a ‘smart’ improv group because it doesn’t use vulgar language and tries to stay clear of dirty jokes. The troupe plays some of its games from the show “Whose Line is it Anyway?,” but uses different websites to get other exciting games.

“Last year we were told to go to a certain website and find a game that was fun to do,” sophomore Ryan Hodges said. “We then brought it to practice to see if it would be a game to show off to our audience.”

Loud Noises practices take place every Sunday.

The first half of its agenda is business-oriented material, and the second part is playing games to try out for upcoming shows.

“We usually play a variety of games and try to get all members on the stage,” Hodges said.

Senior Alex Allen has been in the troupe since his freshman year, and has stuck with it all four years at Baker.

“I heard about the group from a few of my older friends and just decided to go for it,” Allen said. “I stuck with it because it was fun, and I was good at it.”

Loud Noises is like being a part of a family. Even with his experience, Allen still gets nervous and depends on his team to keep the energy alive.

“We always get our energy up by joking around before each show and telling inside jokes to ease the nerves,” Allen said. “We get pumped up together.”

Loud Noises is going through the audition process for anyone wanting to join the troupe.

The audition consists of playing improv games, as well as a review of how the person trying out did, which will be done by the troupe after each audition.

One audition session was Tuesday and two more sessions are scheduled for Sunday and Thursday.

Anyone interested in trying out must be at two of the three audition days.

Junior Madison Mater has never tried out for an improv group, but is participating in the audition process.

“Everyone was super welcoming,” Mater said. “Everyone (auditioning) felt comfortable because we were making fools of ourselves playing the games.”

The team hopes to have a show soon after auditions are finalized.