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Meagan Thomas reflects on busy schedule

Story by Meagan

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To every student feeling defeated and stressed out by your hectic schedules and difficult classes, you are not alone.

One of the best things about being a student at Baker University is the opportunity to be involved in numerous campus activities. Between athletics, greek life and the countless clubs the university has to offer, there is something for basically every student.

Plus, Baker’s small campus and flexible activity advisers make it easy to be involved in as many activities as the student wants to. Many students on campus are involved in two to three activities at least.

This is a double-edged sword.

It is great for students to not have to choose between this and that, but many times he or she spreads himself too thin.

Personally, I take 17 credit hours and am a member of Baker’s spirit squad as a cheerleader. I am also the Managing Editor of the newspaper and am an intern as a writer for the Baldwin City Signal newspaper. Like many other students, I spend my time between meetings and practices trying to squeeze in some extra sleep.

The first couple of weeks of school went well. Despite my busy schedule, I felt in control and prepared for the upcoming semester. But as the weeks have passed, I am slowly starting to wear down and have become an exhausted, chaotic wreck, as I am sure many other students have as well.

How does one manage hours of work and activities and still find “me” time?

How does a person make it through a hectic schedule without having a mental breakdown?

There are a few important things that every over-involved student should do.

Take care of yourself physically.

After a week of endless studying and homework, athletics and meetings it is important for us to get rest. As much fun as it is to unwind by going out, sometimes it just is better to stay in.

Learn to say no.

As hard as it is to turn a person down or to disappoint a friend, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to edit your roommate’s paper or to drive your teammate to Lawrence. When prioritizing, put your own needs at the top of the list before promising to help out someone else.

Don’t be afraid to lighten your load.

If things are just too much for you to handle, maybe you need to rethink your involvement in an activity.

Remember, even on the roughest all-nighter that you are in control, and the overall outcome is worth the hard work.