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Recruiting class ready to roll

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The Baker football recruiting class of 2008 seems to make the grade both in school and on the field.

“I think it’s a real strong class academically and athletically,” head coach Mike Grossner said.

The class currently consists of 14 high school players and five mid-year transfers, but Grossner said the number could continue to change as several offers to players are still on the table.

“I think we’ve got about six or seven offers out there where we are in the top two,” he said.

Grossner said the class consists of a little bit of everything as far as positions are concerned and that the coaching staff was able to be more selective than usual.

“We are at the point, finally, where we can be picky a little bit in the selection process,” he said.

The class contains players from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Florida and California.

High school senior Ryder Werts said he decided to play football at Baker because of the team’s interest in him.

“I chose Baker because of all the teams that wanted me, they wanted me the most,” Werts said. “I wanted to go where I was wanted.”

Topeka High School senior John Babb said he chose to attend Baker and play football for a variety of reasons.

“First of all, Baker University is a great academic institution,” Babb said.

Babb added that Baker is a cozy environment with small class sizes and a good student-to-teacher ratio.

Werts believes the Baker football squad has a chance to have some real success in the coming years.

“I think we have a shot,” he said. “There are people already there that are very talented football players.”

Babb said he has met many of his fellow upcoming freshmen in the new class and feels they have the potential to do great things for the program.

“I think we have a great freshman class coming in for sure,” Babb said.

As for the rest of the Baker football team players, they have been participating in weightlifting and endurance training to prepare for spring football, which will start in a few weeks and end with the annual alumni football game April 19.

Former head coach John Frangoulis will be in charge of the alumni team and former player and coach Brian Boyle will also help out.

Grossner said the team is developing nicely as spring ball approaches.

“We are right on track,” Grossner said. “We are testing them out this week to see how progress is in the weight room. We feel like the experience is there. The leadership has been there. We finally feel we have a full-blown football program going year round.”

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