Students visit BU Saturday for tours

Forty-six prospective students visited the Baker University campus Saturday as part of a junior visit day put on by the admission department.

The high school juniors, along with their parents, attended the day in hopes of experiencing Baker at an early stage of deciding on a college, said Louise Cummings-Simmons, vice president of admissions.

“Students begin looking their junior year at where to begin their college search,” Cummings-Simmons said. “It’s a good way for students and their parents to begin connecting with Baker early.”

To begin the day, the students were welcomed by University President Dan Lambert and the admission staff. Following the welcome, University admission assistants gave campus tours. There also was an academic fair, student panel and discussions on scholarships.

Freshman Jason Mock said he enjoyed meeting prospective students even though the day was tiring.

Cummings-Simmons said junior day was created to expand visiting opportunities.

“In the ’03-’04 school year, we did a visit in the fall and spring, but did nothing after March,” Cummings-Simmons said. “I think it is important that we connect with prospective students and if you don’t invite them to campus, that won’t happen.”