Summer housing hunt

Summer housing hunt

Baker University students staying in Baldwin City for the summer will need a place to live, and students are looking on campus and off.

One option is to make arrangements to stay on campus.

The number of students interested in living in the apartments for the summer has grown from 12 students last year to 30 students this year. ?

Not only is the number of students up, but the price is also up. Last year, the cost for one week was $130. This year, the price increased $5.

Associate Dean of Students Mark Zeno, who is charge of housing, said the apartments are a good option for some students.

“It is always tough during the summer to find anything that is a month to month rent” Zeno said.

According to Sheri Caldwell at Reese Nichols Real Estate Agency, duplexes for the summer are going to usually run anywhere from $700 to $900 per month.

“Make sure you are looking in your price range and be sure to not stretch yourself,” Caldwell said.

Baker alumna Kristin Bock lived in a duplex last summer and will be doing the same this year. ?

Bock said students can’t be picky because options are limited in a small town like Baldwin City.

“Start looking early,” she said. “It took my roommates and I a good few weeks, and I think we just got lucky with our place. Talk to people, because in a small town like Baldwin there is always someone who knows someone else who is renting.”