Traditions Night lost in the dark

Story by Baker Orange Staff

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Dear Mom and Dad,

College has been pretty good so far. My classes started a few days ago, and I think they’ll be OK. It’s at least improving since “traditions night” last Saturday.

Apparently, Baker University has a long tradition of playing follow the leader all over campus. I’m not really sure why, but after our class picture everyone told us to line up behind Ira (the university minister), who was holding some staff worthy of Gandalf. Next we walked all over campus while some other dude rocked out on the bagpipes, but I think he was playing for us. After about three days of walking, we wound up in Mordor Auditorium, where two seniors told us we were the House of Hanover… I think it was Hanover. Maybe it was Hangover.

I guess every class is given a nickname and we got that one. I couldn’t tell you why we’re named that, or what we’re supposed to do with it, but classes before us have donated reading lamps and some colonnade around some lake on campus that doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe we’ll donate some bike racks.

Ira was reading all this history off a piece of paper the seniors gave him. I couldn’t hear everything, but I think we were supposed to be instilled with some sense of Baker pride. Mostly I’m instilled with a sense of Baker confusion. You’d think after 150 years they could have a pretty cool introduction to the school, but maybe they’re saving that for the 200th birthday. The dance team and cheerleaders came out later, but something got messed up with their music, so they couldn’t perform everything they had planned. Dr. Pat was there and we heard from Louise…again.

My FYE leader said that normally the student development office plans this kind of stuff, but I guess the staff all resigned over the summer. I guess our new dean of students won’t be here until November, but I guess they don’t have anything for her to do before then, so that must be okay? The new associate dean seemed nice when I met her, but she’s got her hands pretty full since the office was empty for pretty much the whole summer. At least that’s what my FYE leader said.

Don’t get me wrong, move in day was fairly pain-free, and I don’t hate anybody yet, except for that kid who takes up every dryer at the same time. I’ve seen our closets; how many clothes can this girl have? Most everyone has been nice so far. I’ve gone to a couple of the Welcome Week events and Thursday there’s a kick-off party with a live band. A confusing traditions night is not going to ruin my year or anything, I was just hoping Baker’s first official act after I’d paid my tuition would be a little less….shoddy. I’m glad I’m not just a number, but I kind of wonder what KU does for its traditions night.


Class of 2011