Rappers make goal to produce, post songs daily during March

Rappers make goal to produce, post songs daily during March

Story by Abby Reynolds

Music comes naturally for three Baker University freshmen who came up with a creative way to lend their musical talents to Baker’s atmosphere.

Freshmen Jordan Johnson, Jose Castro and Emmerson Clarke are the three creators of this music idea. They are writing, producing and rapping of singing a song every day in the month of March.

<strong><a href="http://www.reverbnation.com/dubblejlegendary" target="_blank">HEAR THEIR MUSIC.</a></strong> HEAR THEIR MUSIC.

“We all mutually agree on a beat from soundclick.com, write a hook for the song and from there, we each write our own verses for the rap,” Johnson said.

Each song has a different theme, it just all depends on the beat the three find and the verses each contribute to the song.

“I wanted to do this because first our rooms are next to each other and that makes it convenient,” Clarke said. “Second, we can relate because we like the same type of music.”

Each song takes about an hour and a half to two hours to finish.

“We listen to the music and know when the song is not a good one,” Castro said, “but when it is the one, we are like ‘Oh, that’s it.'”

Each of the three men have been enticed with music since childhood, and felt this was a way to show their talent. Castro has been writing poetry since he was a child and rapping is a form of poetry for him. Johnson grew up rapping freestyle with his friends, so this musical creation is “fun and easy” to him.

“One day, we just started making songs, since it is so easy for us to do this, and we thought this would be a fun experience,” Castro said. “It has never been done before.”

As of Thursday, there were eight songs on the website Johnson created, almost on track to meet their goal to produce a song every day in the month of March. The songs are posted online, where they can be heard by anyone.

Each time someone listens to a song, it can be ranked and move up to be a top song on the global scene. The men’s songs have moved up in rankings to their position at No. 298 as of Thursday.

“The feeling of finishing a song and liking it is pretty cool,” Johnson said, “but having it heard from others with positive feedback is even better.”

The men are trying to figure out if they will postpone for a week while taking a vacation for spring break, but hope to come back with new songs that everyone will like even more.

“You can listen to our music, and make your own judgment,” Castro said. “But we are going to do what we have been doing.”