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Movie making still has money as main goal

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Five years after 9-11, we live in an age of terror alerts, near-miss terrorist attempts and a massive-scale War on Terror, which successful or not, at the very least serves to remind anyone who turns on the television that this America is not what it was before that day.

Many have found solace in moving on with their lives. For others, the memories of that day and the loss of loved ones has become an everyday albatross. For all of us, the seemingly lost sense of security we all once took advantage of is a grave thought.

So in light of what occurred, how do we console ourselves?

This is America, so let’s get out the big bucks and do it up right. Let’s make a movie.

Regardless of the different methods used to generate the final cuts, what must come into question is the motive behind the productions and what ends the films serve.

Despite whatever altruistic objectives the people at the box office are citing, it’s hard to dispute making millions of dollars in profit was the primary motivation.

The fact is of the more than $100 million these two films have grossed thus far, only about $2 million has been donated to memorial funds.

While it’s hard to criticize films that seemingly have sought to honor the memories of the men and women who died and served on 9-11, the good accomplished pales in comparison to the capitalist ulterior motive.

It’s a disgrace to act as though putting on the “we care” mask to hide the “we want to take advantage of a great opportunity to make ourselves more rich” face is an honest tribute to the lives impacted by the terrorist attacks.

The truth is no matter how insightful, caring or respectful to the victims, these films were created as yet another way for somebody to get pleasure out of someone else’s pain. The box office, directors, actors and others involved get to make a pretty penny by sensationalizing and trivializing the most horrific terrorist attack ever carried out on our nation.

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