Glover, Smith to relocate, rearrange in Constant Hall

Glover, Smith to relocate, rearrange in Constant Hall

Two familiar faces on campus will be moving beginning next week, but not too far.

Executive Office Supervisor Terri Smith was announced this week as the new coordinator of conferences and campus events, beginning April 2.

Smith said she is looking forward to this position, in which she will supervise scheduling, generating new business and coordinating the use of facilities.

“It’s going to be exciting,” Smith said. “It is new and different and there is a lot of potential in it.”

Baker University President Pat Long said even though Smith moving out of the President’s office will be a loss, she is glad Smith’s position “should be a revenue generator for the university as a whole.”

“Having outside groups on campus pays off in two ways,” Long said. “It leads us to reaching future students, and the rental, we hope, will bring new revenue.”

Fulfilling Smith’s former position as executive office supervisor will be Myra Glover, who is currently the director of student life.

Glover said she is looking forward to the change after being in the student life office for ten years. Glover worked in the president’s office in 1995 and 1996.

“I started over there, and it is an opportunity that knocked on the door,” Glover said. “I think change is healthy, and I so look forward to the opportunity to work with Edrie (Swanson) and Dr. Pat.”

Long said she is excited to work with Glover, as well.

“Myra knows Baker, and she knows Baldwin,” Long said. “We are getting the best of both worlds.”

Freshman Callee Souders has worked as an office assistant to Glover this year and said she found the idea of Glover leaving the student development office difficult to accept.

“She’s so easy to talk to and not a scary office person that is unpersonable. She is like my mom here,” Souders said. “When I found out, I pretty much cried. But after she told me she is not going to be far away, she is just a couple of buildings away, I felt much better. I’d get to see her as much as I’d want to.”