Senate plans year’s goals

This article was originally published prior to June 2, 2013.  Due to a change in content management systems, the initial publication date is not available.

Warren Swenson, Baker University Student Senate president, expressed his excitement Tuesday for the upcoming year at the first student senate meeting in Mabee Memorial Hall.

With attendance high at the first meeting, the executive council of student senate expressed high hopes for the upcoming year.

“You could tell people really made an effort to attend the meeting,” sophomore Kyle Baum said.

Members of the executive council said one of their main goals for the year is to utilize technology and make sure students are well-informed of meetings and plans.

“Our goals include good communication between students and administration, enhanced transparency with students, as far as budget and minutes of meetings,” Swenson said.

Student senate has begun to take the first steps toward its goals by updating the website with many useful links.

“One of my favorite parts of the website that we have updated is the suggestions box,” Swenson said.

Secretary Libby Steele is also working on using technology to help streamline information to senate members,

as well as the Baker community.

“Moodle is new this semester, so I will be working a lot with that,” Steele said.

Steele was appointed secretary at the end of last semester and will be serving as secretary for one semester because she will graduate in December.

“This is my last semester before I graduate, I just want to make the most of it,” Steele said.

Student senate has a new faculty sponsor this year; Ray Walling. Walling serves as the electronic services and government document librarian for Baker University.

“I attended a small, liberal arts school similar to Baker University and served on student senate,” Walling said. “I hope to bring in some extra knowledge to Baker’s senate.”

Swenson is excited about Walling’s position and previous knowledge, and hopes Walling will help bring him closer to some of his goals for senate.

“I would like to see strong organization within the senate,” Swenson said. “I also want there to be good accountability with the student committee chairs, with the class officers and with everyone on senate … I think that is how we are successful.”