Students should look for party alternatives

Story by Abby Reynolds

It is a Saturday night.

The town is quiet, with little movement.

This peaceful silence lasts as long as it takes me to shower, for once 9 p.m. hits, the students of Baker University come out to play.

This situation is a frequent occurrence in Baldwin City. It has a college atmosphere in a small town. Not a mixture that comes in handy for students on the weekends. Other than events hosted by Baker University, there is not much to do that grabs a student’s attention on his or her days off from school.

The weekends seem to blur together and produce the same thing: girls putting on their best outfits, boys being boys and everyone congregating at one of the Baker University fraternities.

It is the same thing every weekend.

Doesn’t that get old?

I can recall numerous weekends where it was like déjà vu to me. The girls get together and do their hair and makeup, while the boys prepare for the night’s festivities. Then, it is as if a bell rings throughout the town, and everyone makes their way to the same place.

From there, it’s a party.

Girls dance provocatively with the guys, people make fools of themselves, and there is always some sort of drama.

While no one’s ideas of epic plans should be shot down, students should not make this their normal routine, but instead open their eyes.

Aren’t there other things to do other than party every weekend?

I want a change.

I want to do something else, to not be like everyone else and do the same things every weekend.

I understand that money is tight for college students, and this is an easy way to have fun with spending little to no money, but there are other things to do.

Yes, the size of Baldwin City does not help our boredom on the weekends, but who said we had to stop using our imagination?

Be creative and think of other things to do.

Have a girl’s night and watch movies, eat fatty foods and stay in. Boys, play your video games, go camping or just go outside.

I am thankful for those fun nights that I have had, but lately, I have gotten stiff. To me, either Baldwin City needs to offer different alternatives or we, the students at Baker, need to explore other options.

It is fun to let loose after a challenging week of school, athletics and other activities, but does it have to be the same thing every weekend?