Fellowship of Christian Athletes supports BU

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes supports BU

Story by Cassie

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One of several Christian organizations at Baker University, Fellowship of Christian Athletes is changing the way it operates to better suit the needs of the athletes on campus and to work with other groups.

In the past few years, FCA has had weekly Bible studies and has created a community of students who encouraged each other to pursue his or her faith.

Now, these students are hoping to turn their focus outward to make a larger impact on campus.

“FCA is going to be focusing on being an outreach to the athletes on campus,” Assistant Professor of Education Amy Wintermantel said.

This semester, members of FCA are catering to the needs of athletes by baking cookies, sending goodie bags, praying and attending athletic events.

“We are hoping to encourage athletes in their every-day challenges, as well as offer them the opportunity to come into FCA and mold the organization to best suit their needs,” senior Sierra Ronhovde said.

Athletes are encouraged to get involved with FCA to help make a difference within each sport offered at Baker.

FCA is also partnered up with the BU organization Faith First.

Faith First is made up of a group of students on campus who live and work together to encourage each other and help each member to stay away from the negative peer pressures of college life.

“It’s two groups joining together to reach one goal,” Wintermantel said.

This group offers Bible studies for athletes and non-athletes alike, and FCA members hope to attend these gatherings and plan larger campus outreach events with Faith First.

Senior Michael Wissmann, a leader of Faith First, said the overall goal of the partnership between FCA and Faith First is to try and reach as many people as possible.

Some of the outreach events that might take place throughout the year are bible studies, outings and cookouts.

“The impact that FCA can make on campus sports teams can be huge, even if all we do is pray for the teams,” Wintermantel said. “Sometimes that is all the team needs.”