Fundraiser in memory of Cassidy Moore


Story by Meagan

Mary Moore and her niece Emily Willis lost someone special to them, and to many students at Baker University, four months ago.

Cassidy Moore, known to most as Cass, lived with two Baker students.

He grew up in Baldwin City and BU students knew Cass from his appearances at parties and social gatherings.

Many remember Cass as an easygoing person who liked to make others smile and laugh.

“He was a lot of fun, and so many people loved him. He had no idea how he touched so many peoples’ lives,” Cass’s mom Mary said.

Cass committed suicide April 23.

“I believe it was situational depression, which so many people can end up having,” Mary said. “(He) didn’t wait it out and talk to someone.”

The loss of her son made Mary and her family decide to use community service as a healing process for themselves and the community.

During September, which is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Mary and Emily are supporting the local suicide hotline and bereavement program at Headquarters Counseling Center in Lawrence by putting feathers in customers’ hair to create awareness of suicide.

“When we lost Cassidy we wanted to do something positive in his name, and we wanted it to be special for him, different than anything else we’ve ever done, but something that we knew would actually work to create awareness and make a difference,” Emily said.

A customer can pick out a combination of feathers to have put in his or her hair for a $10 donation.

The customer also receives a thank you card with information about suicide awareness and with the meaning of the feather, which is “to express your feelings and reach out for help when you’re struggling.”

Sophomore Lauren Jaqua, although a new friend to Cass, was good friends with him and had a feather put in her hair Saturday.

“The feather really represents showing awareness for Cass and what he went through,” Lauren said. “Even though Cass didn’t go to Baker for school, he was still really well-known and a really good friend to a bunch of people who go here, so I definitely think people will support that and get a feather.”

The feathers can last for about a month and can be washed and styled normally.

“They’re safe for a flat iron, they’re safe for a curling iron, they look great and they handle the heat just fine,” Willis said.

100 percent of the proceeds will be given to the Headquarters Counseling Center.

“The (suicide hotline) relies completely on donations, and they are struggling right now to provide services to Lawrence and the surrounding areas,” Emily said.

Feathers are available by appointment with Mary at Mary’s Hair and Salon in Vintage Park or by walk-in and appointment at Salon Hawk at Kansas Union at the University of Kansas.