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Bowersox honored by city

Story by Rori Holm

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Dedicating more than 22 years of his life to giving back to both the Baker University campus and the Baldwin City community, Darrell Bowersox, director of food service, is being recognized for his achievements and commitments.

Ivan Huntoon, president of the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce, said the award being presented, the Partnership Award, is one that Bowersox could win every year if they offered it.

“He makes ordering food way too easy,” Huntoon said. “Any major function our company needs supplies for, he helps us order it in and makes it seem like there was nothing to it.”

Previously employed at Baker as the women’s soccer coach from 1996-1999, Huntoon said he made a connection with Bowersox that left an everlasting impression.

“I developed a great relation with him while working for Baker,” he said. “He runs a great food service and is always easy to work with.”

Working with numerous clubs and sponsorships organized throughout the community, Bowersox said he has enjoyed every aspect of getting involved and helping to make a difference.

“Ever since I came to Baker on April 15, 1985, I have worked with Cub Scouts, Lions Club and the American Legion; my wife and I were the Grand Marshals of the Maple Leaf Festival, and I am a member of the Advisory Committee here in town,” Bowersox said. “It is very humbling and quite an honor to know I am receiving this award. With all of the activities I have participated in over the years, I haven’t done them to win any awards – I wanted to do them to give back to the community.”

Catering Coordinator Tanya Sieber said she could not think of anyone better to be receiving the award.

“I do not know exactly how the Baldwin City Chambers Committee defines the award, but I can tell you that Darrell has been really instrumental in forging relationships between Baker and Baldwin City during his 22 years here,” Sieber said. “In the position he occupies, there are a lot of services he can provide in terms of making connections and in my mind, he has mastered that.”

As the award is based upon both interacting and making a difference throughout the community, Sieber said Bowersox is deserving.

“He has given so much of his own time to making the food services excel on every level,” Sieber said. “Darrell is the kind of person who is magnetic, charismatic and is so generous in nature – these kinds of acts just come natural to him. I really do not think he spends a lot of his time thinking how he can be instrumental in these relationships because it is just in his nature to do so.”

The awards ceremony to honor Bowersox will be held March 8.

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