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EPA allows some companies to bypass pollution checks

EPA allows some companies to bypass pollution checks

Story by Jamie Pellikaan, Staff Writer

April 19, 2020

Many things have changed since the outbreak of coronavirus. While most of these changes are to protect people susceptible to the virus and to stop the spread of it, some are doing the exact opposite. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently sent out a memo detailing its plans to let companies bypass the EPA’s pollution checks if they claim the coronavirus disrupted their operations. Furthermore, companies are ins...

Sea turtles and straws: A tale of selective empathy

Selective Empathy

Story by Lily Stephens, Video Editor

October 23, 2019

This summer I was waiting for a friend to meet me for dinner in Kirkland, a suburb of Seattle. As a freshly minted 21 year old, I decided to wait for her in the restaurant's bar. I sat down, ordered a drink, got comfortable and then noticed something I had never seen before, people at the bar were using me...