The Baker Orange

Jolliffe Hall located next the NLC and across the street from Gessner used to be used for housing and soon will be remodeled for the Department of Applied Health Sciences.

Jolliffe’s renovation: Applied Health Sciences to get its own building

Story by Grace Duddy, Staff Writer and Photographer November 15, 2021

Jolliffe Hall has been sitting vacant for 13 years but will soon be given a new purpose. The building that once served as a residence hall will undergo renovations to be a designated space for the Department...

Baker Universitys marketing department placed posters across campus buildings promoting the campaign Baker Builds.

Baker expands undergraduate programs

Story by Dory Smith , Assistant Editor September 13, 2017

Baker University is broadening its options for students with the addition of public health and recreation majors. In addition, the Exercise Science and Public Health program partnered with Cleveland University-Kansas...

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