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Bishop Quayle Bible Collection: A history

Shown is the

Story by Megan Stover, Staff Writer

September 28, 2019

The Quayle Bible Collection is a collection of Bibles and religious manuscripts that were donated to Baker University by Bishop Quayle in his will in 1925. Kim Quayle, Baker University alumna and great-great granddaughter of Bishop Quayle, said she remembers stories from her childhood about Bishop Quayle. “I’ve...

‘Beyond a Text’: New exhibit documents creation of the book

'Beyond a Text': New exhibit documents creation of the book

Story by Jamie Pellikaan, A&E Editor

October 17, 2018

The Quayle Bible Collection’s new exhibit entitled “Beyond a Text: The Life of Scripture Outside of the Words” showcases the Bible’s role in creation of the physical book. Since the exhibit focuses on the book itself, many of the display cases show the evolution of writing from cuneiform table...

Quayle celebrates 500 year anniversary

One of John Luther's translations of the Bible with a German family's writing on the side. This is a newer Bible, written in the 1700's.

Story by Jamie Pellikaan, Writer

November 16, 2017

Almost 500 years ago in Wittenberg, Germany Martin Luther nailed the Ninety-five Theses on a church. Following this occasion, Luther’s ideas regarding religion and the institution of the church forever altered western thought and changed the way people view religion and society. Baker University’s...