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The Biden-Harris Administration’s relief plan for student debt is an insufficient solution for the bigger problem: the cost of higher education. 

Editorial: Biden-Harris Administration’s debt relief is an insufficient solution

Story by Rebekah Nelson and Maria Gutierrez September 30, 2022

On Aug. 28, President Joe Biden announced his plan to start relieving student debt, impacting both current and graduated students. One month later, on Sept. 29, the process has finally gone into motion. The...

The amount of student debt is so debilitating that its inhibiting our freedom to education. As of 2021, the average amount of student debt owed was 37,693 dollars and, due to inflation, that number only continues to rise.

The problems associated with student debt

Story by Jamie Pellikaan, Staff Writer May 20, 2021

As of 2021, the average amount of student debt owed is 37,693 dollars with the collective total for all student debt owed in the United States is 1.71 trillion dollars. This number will only continue...

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