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Harlaxton students sent home due to growing concern over COVID-19

Harlaxton College is located outside of Grantham, England. On March 11, the school held a forum where they announced that students must vacate the manor by March 18.

Story by Will Hanson, Arts and Entertainment Editor

March 11, 2020

In a March 11 forum held regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, all students currently studying abroad at Harlaxton College learned they will be removed from the manor by March 18 and were highly recommended they return to their homes in the United States. COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has made...

Summer travel gives students new opportunities

Summer travel gives students new opportunities

Story by Halle Morrell, Social Media Editor

December 2, 2019

Baker University is known for its many unique travel opportunities. From study abroad to Interterm, students almost always have the opportunity to travel if they choose. One of the newest travel opportunities being offered by Baker is summer term travel. Throughout the month of May, Baker staff members...

Baker encourages studying abroad

Baker University celebrates International Education Week through hosting a photo contest among students, faculty, and staff. The option to vote for the best photo is online. There have been various culturally events offered this week, on Wednesday night a film in Spanish was available to campus.

Story by Brenna Thompson, News Editor

November 18, 2017

A unique aspect of Baker University's academics is the overwhelming popularity and access to foreign studies. Baker is not only known for but also highly encourages studying abroad and even has relationships with Harlaxton College in England. Every semester, students embark on education experiences...