The Baker Orange

Over the summer several students participated in an internship at the Baker Wetlands. Lasting eight weeks, the students conducted research on tardigrades, the first time in the state of Kansas.

Baker students conducted summer research in the Baker Wetlands

Story by Kolbie Christensen, Staff Writer October 10, 2021

Over the summer, five Baker students were selected to live in the Baker Wetlands for eight weeks to conduct research. From June 7 to Aug. 1 the students lived and worked in the Wakarusa Field Station throughout...

Juniors Cole Stallard and Jake Moore examine slides of different tardigrade species in the Tardigrade Lab inside the Boyd Center on Feb. 6.

Students study obscure phylum

Story by Lily Stephens, Multimedia Editor February 14, 2018

The Baker University biology program and a few of its students have been hard at work in the lab and in the field helping lead tardigrade research efforts. Tardigrades are a branch of microscopic phylum...

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