Sports teams need support from one another


With nearly 50 percent of the enrollment of the Baldwin City campus consisting of student-athletes, sports are a big deal at Baker University.

As the fall sports season is beginning to wind down and the teams who compete in the winter are just starting up, athletics are important now more than any other time of the year.

All of the fall sports teams have had a great deal of success, much like last year, but the fan support has not been nearly as impressive.

At men’s and women’s soccer games and volleyball matches last year, the student sections for home games were much larger than three or four rows of standing fans.

After all of the success Baker athletic teams had last year, why would there not be even more fan support?

Baker finished No. 31 in the Learfield Sports Director’s Cup Standings, brought home conference championships in eight different sports, claimed a national championship team and individual along with two national runners-up.

While the Baker University Cat Pack has not developed as its leaders had hoped, there shouldn’t need to be incentives for students to go out and cheer for their peers.

Since about half of the students on campus are athletes, it is important for teams to support each other. While many Baker teams have received national attention, athletes should realize their sport is not the only one worthy of respect.

It is understandable for students to be more interested in some sports more than others, especially if they play one. However, there are a variety of reasons to support all of the sports on campus.

First of all, the BU athletes feed off of the energy of fans, which can help them play at a higher level. Secondly, regardless of the sport being played, Baker athletes put in numerous hours of practice a week, and to not receive any support from their peers is unjust. Last, but not least, cheering a team also reflects positively on the university in general.

The more fans who make their presence known at games will reflect that Baker is proud to be one of the best NAIA schools. It is not too late to show support for a number of the fall sports teams, and the season is just beginning for those who compete in the winter.

Come out and support the Baker sports teams, so that instead of settling for No. 31 in the Learfield Standings, they can inch their way closer to No. 1.